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Aqua Wedding Campaign


Aqua paints, a leading national paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals, expected an innovative campaign idea focused on the wedding season from us. We proposed the wedding campaign plan to Aqua Paints where the key objective was to influence newly married families to paint their house and communicate the message in a humorous way.


We wanted to take a humorous approach to communicate our message. Newly married families generally prefer to shop for the entire family; purchasing new furniture and decoration items are common as well. Then, why not paint the house to make it more festive? Our plan was to present these wedding scenarios and show the target audience that without new painting of the house, the wedding festival is incomplete.


To promote their premium exterior emulsion ‘Defender’ and ultra premium inside silk emulsion ‘Muslin,’ we created static graphics, teaser, motion graphics for this wedding campaign. We thereafter promoted and synchronized the contents on Facebook and Instagram.



By the end of the campaign, we considerably contributed to the brand’s success. The contents were shared by brand enthusiasts in several branding related groups. Most significantly, the campaign was well appreciated by the client and they encouraged us to execute more campaigns like this in future.