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‘Heroes of 71’ Mobile Game


“Heroes of 71” is a video game series based on the Liberation war of Bangladesh. With 5+ Millions of downloads, this is the most popular game series of the country developed in Bangladesh to date. As the digital strategic partner of this video game developer, our key objective was to promote the spirit and significance of the Liberation War among the new generation on online platforms.



Heroes of 71, the very first game in the series, honored those who sacrificed their lives for Bangladesh. The idea was to produce homegrown content that would appeal to the country’s young gamers. To introduce the game and to catch the imagination of the fresh generation, marketing efforts were carried out to create hype in social media through engaging contents.



To introduce the game and to reach out to the audience, a teaser trailer was created and distributed in social media, which grabbed the attention of the young gamers as well as patriotic citizens of the country. Because in that period, the idea of a video game developed in Bangladesh was fairly new. Contents related to the different game features were regularly published through social media channels, keeping the gamers engaged and interested. Educational contents such as “#Knowyourheroes: Introducing the 7 Bir Sreshtho” and “Introducing 11 sectors” were also well received by the social media audience. To promote the game even further, gifts and souvenirs such as T-shirts, Mugs, Badges were distributed among the gamers.


Heroes of 71, became the most downloaded video game developed in Bangladesh. Released on 16 December 2015, the 44th anniversary of Bangladesh’s victory, Heroes of 71 was downloaded more than 1 Lac times within the first 5 days it was published on Google Play Store. The buzz surrounding the game was so high that it earned many admirers and patrons to the developing company. They also later received special recognition from the ICT division of the Bangladesh government to create and promote future releases of the series. The game received wide acclaim from national and international news outlets.