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THE OASIS at Ispahani Colony by ABC Real Estate is Dhaka’s most premium organized residential property, which is now under construction on the grounds of Moghbazar’s iconic Ispahani Colony. They have so far put up 457 apartments. As ABC is always devoted to providing the finest possible services to their clients, they sought to shift from a traditional selling approach to an innovative approach. Their key objective was to boost their sales as quickly as possible.



Instead of initiating aggressive sales campaigns, we pondered carefully and relied on the latest trend to lead us. Our plan was to include an apartment tour video to highlight all kinds of facilities and the ambience of OASIS apartments and thus, we featured the two Mock apartments of OASIS.



We embarked on a discussion about the concept with the production house and persuaded the client to endorse our campaign. We made two distinct videos that were featured in OASIS’s Mock Apartments. Later on, we promoted the videos both in a paid and organic way, and synchronised them through YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.



We contributed to the brand’s success towards the end of the campaign. The Oasis sales calls jumped by 4 times after the video was published. In addition, the number of potential clients has increased by thrice. Most significantly, several clients were able to virtually explore the residence during the COVID period through these videos.